Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finally Summer!

This post is long over due, I have been planning on posting this for a week now but have been too busy doing fun summer things! :o The following outfit was inspired by Maya's post and the gorgeous weather outside. The dress was one of my finds from the vintage shop in Paris. I love it! The dress is just so vintage, light, and summery. The picture above was taken in Orvieto, Italy, a beautiful small hill town that I visited. I put it with this post because of the yellow building, the brown shutters, and the summer sky perfectly matched this post!

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Firenze ITALIA

This post was inspired by the Jak & Jil post that the picture above is from. I was so excited when I saw these photos because I know exactly where those photos were taken, a square next to the Dumo Cathedral in Florence. The following photos are from my visit to Florence. The last photo is my foot (in the grey boot) and a friends foot at the top of the tower we climbed (over 300 steps). Not nearly as glamorous as tom's shot...

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DIY Attempt #1

So last Friday I was feeling very creative and adventurous, so I decided to start a DIY project that I have been wanting to do ever since the day I ripped my pants and saw Miss at la Play's post about ripped jeans. As I started this project I imagined being interviewed years from now as a famous designer being asked about some of my first design projects,reminiscing about this little project. These visions quickly vanished as the project quickly turned to disaster. The main problem with this DIY project was my lack of adequate tools. I replaced an exacto knife with small scissors and my shaving razor. I started by cutting triangles in the jeans and then running them over with the razor. I thought they looked cool when the jeans were off but on not so much on. So in the end I ended up making them into cut off shorts. All in all I ended up with a usable product and a ruined razor.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today I made yet another trip to a local thrift store. It is one of my favorite places in town. When I am just fed up and tired of being in a small Idaho town I go their and look through the racks as a sorta therapy. Sometimes out right laughing at some of the ridiculous clothes but at other points I find a piece that starts my imagination down the path toward another masterpiece. Those are the moments that I love.

A few of these moments occurred while thriffting in Paris near the Pompidou center. They came through a military jacket, the perfect oxford heels, and a couple summer dresses.

On the trip today I was on a slightly different mission, I was searching for a sewing machine. I found two but both where missing vital parts so I passed. I ended up finding a beautiful trench coat and book instead all for ten dollars. Now off to a DIY project if it turns out the results will be in the next post
Dresses, Military Jacket, and Hills

Vintage store in Paris

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Fresh Start

It has now been three weeks since my return to the United States after a month long tour of Europe. It was a live changing experience which I hope to somehow impart through different posts through out the summer. This fact, more time, and an ever increasing desire to express myself means that I am going to try to start to seriously blog now.

I am going to start this endeavor with two pictures discovered on my European Tour. Both of these photos are capturing the same moment in two different times, a simple conversation between two well dressed men. The first I took on the London Underground of two commuting businessmen. The instant I saw the two men I thought of the men that the Sartorialist shoots. This photo is no where near as well compossed, but still captures a moment that I consider to be an everyday master piece. The next photo is a vintage photo I found in a little vintage store in Florence. All I know about the photo is what was written on the back; a city, Bari (the capital of Italy), a name, Gorzo Vittorio Guauele, and a Date 17th December 1945.