Thursday, August 26, 2010

To much time on my feet

Yesterday I had a ton of time and nothing to do. I felt like my life was incredible pointless so I decided that I was going to accomplish a goal for this summer-create watch shoes! I saw these shoes below on Mis at la Play's blog way back in June she mentioned that it would be a very easy DIY and I would agree. I am tempted to make another pair except with a colored watch face and colored pearls.

All I did was find the perfect pair of four dollar black shoes at the local thrift store.

Find a square watch face and pearls that I liked.

I felt like Holly, Hilary Swank, when she found Gerry's buckle on her Marc Jacob shoe in P.S I Love You.

Then hot glued the watch on and then the pearls.


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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Face as a Canvas

On Saturday a few friends and I went to the Rexburg, Idaho fair. When we arrived we quickly decided that it was a pretty pathetic fair. Then we walked by a face painting stand and we had to do it, it was only a dollar after all. The stand was ran by teachers who worked at Jefferson Montessori School, in Rigby ID. The woman who painted my flower is also a professional artist. I sadly did not get her name or information. But am glad I had the opportunity to have a piece of her art on my face for the day.

The rest of the day I felt simply beautiful! It reminded me of the face painting that Mcqueen used for his ready to wear spring summer collection in 2008 (photos below). I love that fashion and art can connect one of the most celebrated and artistic designers, Alexander Mcqueen to the simple Rexburg fair.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Daddy's Shirt

So I have wanted the perfect jean shirt ever since I saw Maya's first post about it, and the next post and then another post by Garance made my desire even greater! So on my latest shopping trip I was on the hunt to find one. Their was at least one jean shirt in each store but they were at least seventy or more dollars. So I went to my Dad's closet (as Garance did) and was pleased to see three different jean shirts, I choose my favorite wash and packed in my suit case. It is comfortable to wear, I love it! And that it is my Dad's makes it even better!

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