Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It is amazing what can change in four months: I moved to Denver, Started an scientific research internship, got engaged, planned a wedding, and got married. Amid all that I had no time to blog, and really quite missed it. For me blogging is a chance to express my self, a chance to create something beautiful in my world amid all the numbers and science (that does have its own beauty). But a post gives me the chance to share that something beautiful with someone else and that is a wonderful feeling that I have missed.

With all of this change, I have also decided to change the direction of my blog as well. Ingredients of an Everyday Masterpiece was started with the intention of being a fashion blog, the Masterpiece being a carefully created outfit. But a Masterpiece can be anything: a good conversation with a friend even a stranger, it can be a great meal, it could be a beautiful sunset, or just anything that makes the human condition a little better, creates a smile, or that little secret that keeps you going. That is what I want this blog to be about, Everyday Masterpieces of joy. And don't worry many of these will still include fashion, since that is still one of my main sources of joy.

I do not know when these new posts will start coming, hopefully mid September 2011. Their is still much change to come: a new apartment, a new roommate, and a new semester. But all wonderful glorious change that will create and form my new life.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shocking Socks

Here are a few pictures of an outfit I wore last weekend. The inspiration for this masterpiece was the socks seen in the Dries Van Norten show. I love the idea of socks with heels something so simple that changes a whole look. It also reminds me of little school girl uniforms. All Photos taken by my lovely roommate

Photo Credit: The Sartorialist 

Lace top: Gap
Socks: Gap
Blazer: Maurcies
Shoes: Redesigned by me
Necklace: St. Mount Micheal, France

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Turkey and Blogger

I just found out through Nil Erturk's blog that blogger has been banned in Turkey due to a few blogs violating copyright laws the entire blogging community in Turkey is being punished. Please go like this Facebook page if you feel that this is not right.

My fashion week post

So here it goes my Fall 2011 fashion post, a little late as usual. There are so many things I could talk about but I am choosing to focus on the half chiffon pants done by Gucci and Acne.

Here is Gucci's version:
Photo Credit: Garance Dore

Photo Credit: The Sartorialist

Notice the color, I am going to call it fussia, it is one of the new "it" colors.

Photo Credit: The Sartorialist

 Now for Acne's version
Photo Credit: Hanneli 

Acne is a more muted version but I still love the idea of combining the elegant chiffon with the more male idea of pants. I do not think that it would be overly practical to wear but I find it an absolutely beautiful creative idea.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Missing . . .

It is getting to the time of year were days are starting to get longer and blue skies ocasionanly appear just tempting and hinting that warmer days are to come. But yet, it has snowed two days in a row... And thus the longing for summer days has hit me hard today.

I miss late summer nights in Paris . . .
Photo Credit: Cherry Blossom Girl

I miss summer road trips . . .

 I miss summer dresses in white . . .

Photo Credit: Miss at la Playa
Photo Credit: The Sartorialist

I miss bike rides . . .
Photo Credit: The Sartorialist

I miss fluffy Clouds . . .

and beaches . . .

I miss hours on end spent with my horse . . .

 But most of all I miss the green and the blue . . .

Photo Credit: Yvan Rodic

Photo Credit: Tiffany Rebecca

Photo Credit: The Sartorialist

Saturday, February 19, 2011


This is an outfit that I wore a few days ago and took pictures of in a conference room I found to study in. I thought it made for a fun and unique setting. I also tired something new with the little video. 

Also go watch this video of the Bill Cunniham it is amazing. I remember when I first watched one of his videos, I was memorized he had such a simple grasp of fashion and found the pure joy and meaning in it. I love the quote at the end of the video I am not quite sure who said it, "Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of every day life, I don’t think you could do away with it is would be like doing away with civilization." I love this quote because a good outfit can really help you get through a day that feels like a war, because when everything else is wrong you can glance down and know that you are still beautiful. "The harder the day the higher the heel!"

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Monday, February 14, 2011


First off, Happy Valentines Day! This is the first time I have had someone for the holiday, and I think I have found the perfect gift and I even manged to warp it well, which does matter.

This Saturday was the perfect day. I got the chance to go up to the Teton Mountains and snowboard with my boyfriend it was the perfect day and exactly what I needed. Sadly I could not find my camera the day we went it, it has since been recovered from underneath a pile of laundry. 

This excursion got me thinking about the trends in mountain gear, my first thought was a post by Garance Dore about classic mountain gear. It used to be more elegant, not as warm though. The current styles lean toward a more "gangster" look, for a lack of a better term. Both my man and I agree that the "gangster" style is ridiculous and give the friends that have adopted this style a hard time. I feel that is a good thing that our winter wear has got warmer but I feel that it should also compliment the beautiful surroundings. 

Photo Credit: Garance Dore

Here is my current snowboarding outfit, sorry for the bad picture.

Here is my Dad's old snowboarding outfit that I used last Christmas.

Photos by Friends

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Whatever Happened to Style?

I saw the end of this commercial briefly yesterday and had to watch it again. I love everything about it. I especially love the shot of the pocket square of the gentlemen at 6 seconds and how the gentlemen tips his hat to the lady and holds her umberlla. These are all small and simple things that do not take much effort, but make all the difference. We have just become to busy and have lost respect and touch with true basic style. I hope that one day we can get back to this way of life. It just takes changing one little thing each day. Such as caring a little more about what you wear, or respecting those around you by opening a door. Hope this inspires you to put a little more style in your everyday life, I know a lot of you already do!

P.S. I just watched the Chrysler Super Bowl commercial and it was pretty good too, less to do with fashion though but well done none the less.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Falling into place

Thank you to all those people who have looked at my post and a special thank you goes out to those that have commented or followed me it means a lot. I apologize for not posting much lately. These past two weeks have been insanely busy for me, each day has felt like a week but each has been filled with so many amazing things.

I am at such a good place in my life right now many things that I have been working toward are starting to fall into place at long last. One thing that feel into my hands a few weeks ago was A VINTAGE RED DIOR JACKET, that I bought for four dollars at a local thrift store. I saw it amongst the various blazers of varing degrees of ugly I glazed at it quickly because  I am not much of a red person but I noticed the the fabric seemed nice so I glanced again and then I saw the Dior label and I could not believe it, and thought it was a fake but then I put it on and I knew that it was real. I was ecstatic and instantly bought it. It now sits on the nob outside my closet were I see it everyday, reminding me of my great find that feel into my hands.

If things are not quite falling into your hands right now just keeping working and trusting that one day they will, and never ever give up.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Fashionable Chemist

 This post goes out to my number one fans, the girls who have always been there and taught me how to truly live.

The idea for this post slowly formed throughout the day. It all began when I decided to put on my chemistry society t-shirt. I am typically not a fan of t-shirts and never wear just a t-shirt and jeans. But this shirt is different it is a Chemistry t-shirt (the black and white aspect also makes it a little chicer). And note that I did not wear it with “just” jeans I wore it with my favorite knee high leather boots and did my hair in my favorite lazy day look.

                And Chemistry is different it is something that most try to avoid and don’t truly understand. But Chemistry is something that I love because it is not easy to understand, it is something I work very hard at every day. And some days I question why I am doing what I am doing, actually those are most days. But then there are the days when I reach an understanding or complete a difficult problem and receive that complete sense of accomplishment, almost a small shock of what I was capable of. Those moments are the reason I do what I do. 

I hope that you each know why you do what you do, it is most likely not Chemistry, it might be starting a blog, trying get into the world of fashion, or just simply trying to do a job or get through school. Just know that anything worth getting is hard to get. And remember the moments where you knew why, and if you don’t know why take a second and figure it out and see if it is worth it.

Best Part of the shirt not a fan of Physics ;)

Photo Credit: Kristen Meiser

Boots: Steve Madden
Long Shirt: Buckle
Jeans: Charlotte Rouse