Monday, December 27, 2010

The Perfect Practical Shoe

Photo Credit: Hanneli Mustaparta

Winter in Rexburg, ID is less than fashion friendly and I have often been seen walking to class in ridiculous outfits that were not quite suited for the weather. My footwear in particular has proven particularly troublesome due to the fact that cute boots and heels often do not include traction, leading to numerous, not so graceful falls. One such fall was the cause of a broken laptop, which finally lead me to the decision that something had to change. With this resolution in mind I came back to Colorado determined to find a shoe that could meet my needs and had a little bit of style, naturally.

The solution came at JAX where I found these Bog boots. With the help of a charming salesmen, I slowly came to find that these boot seemed to be the solution to my dilemma. They had the utilitarian charm I was looking for, traction, and are insulated up to -20 degrees. Hopefully they will stand up to "Icebergs" weather!

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