Thursday, April 26, 2012

Change Part 2

Hello! Their are have been quite a few changes around here. First and most importantly I have decided to take a new direction* with this blog. The intent of this blog is to share and record all of the pieces that create my everyday masterpiece. The pieces I am going to focus on are fashion, food, creation (DIY), and chemistry. I already have some pretty interesting posts planned including my visit to the Yves Saint Laurent Retrospective at the Denver Art Museum, some of my latest food ventures, and a post about the inspiration found in graffiti

The second change is my new look completed through the use of my limited HTML and design skills. The third change is that you can know follow me via Pinerest or Facebook by clicking on the cute hearts** on the right.

I am so excited to finally begin blogging again and hope that you enjoy my musings! 

*Read more on my About Me page
** Cute hearts created by August Empress

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