Sunday, October 20, 2013

Christmas Trees, Corn stocks, and Pumpkins oh my!

The forecast for this weekend showed one last sunny weekend for the Seattle area. A perfect opportunity to head to a local pumpkin patch with the nieces and nephews and Troy's parents. When Saturday finally came  it was with a cloak of thick chilly fog. We headed out to a local farm that was located next to a main highway. It was packed with literally hundreds of people not exactly my idea of a cute local farm. So we took a quick tour of the cute farm animals and headed out. Then we just drove until we saw the next sign for a pumpkin patch and found this little slice of heaven.

You start by driving in to an enchanting Christmas tree forest.

And then find that Christmas forest is filled with wonderful Fall surprises as well.

There where even pumpkins growing in the trees!!!

Stalks and leaves straight out of the Jack and the Giant Bean Stalk

Trying to find the perfect Pumpkin!

Nephew photobomb!

The old scale used to weigh the pumpkins.

They even had a sweet old farm dog!!

Our pumpkins!!!

Stay tuned to see what I create with these beauties!

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