Sunday, October 6, 2013

Furr and Falls

Sorry the blog posts have been thin on the ground lately, I was hit with a pretty nasty cold this week but finally felt good enough today to go out and play with Troy. So we decided to head up to Snoqualmie Falls, just about forty minutes from our house. The falls where absolutely beautiful as the run off was particularly high due to the very heavy rain we have had lately. I decided that this outing would be a perfect time to pull out my fur vest (see how I created this vest here). I have been thinking about pulling out my fur for fall ever since I viewed Okopodes Fall post. Okopodes is a blog that is created by a friend of mine Tiffany Hilton she is an amazingly talented girl go and check out her blog. I apologize in advance for the overload of pictures in this post there was just too much fall, fur, and falls beauty!

Some Fall Colors as we Started our journey

A very Welcome Blue Sky as we headed up the Pass

The view of from the Top of the Falls, the Falls where going 
so strong that there was lots of spray back on the viewing platform.

Then after stopping at the gift shop and picking up the first Christmas gift of the season we headed down to the lower viewing area.

More Vibrant Fall Colors

The View on the drive down, I think the moss covered trees are just spectacular!

Leaves bigger than my hand along the trail

An electric plant that harnesses the power of the falls, it was odd to see this stark modern building in the middle of all of this nature.

The Lower view of the Falls

Some relics of the Hydroelectric project displayed as art

My Favorite Braided Up Do

We then took a break and relaxed and explored next to a calmer part of the river

My watch and ring where once my Grandmothers

So Calm only a few hundred feet from the falls. 

Hope you enjoyed our little Fall adventure!

Vest: Thrift Store and Altered by Me
Shirts: GAP
Pants: Cierra in Old Town Fort Collins
Boots: Nordstrom
Earnings: Vintage
Ring: Heirloom
Watch: Heirloom

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