Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Fresh Start

It has now been three weeks since my return to the United States after a month long tour of Europe. It was a live changing experience which I hope to somehow impart through different posts through out the summer. This fact, more time, and an ever increasing desire to express myself means that I am going to try to start to seriously blog now.

I am going to start this endeavor with two pictures discovered on my European Tour. Both of these photos are capturing the same moment in two different times, a simple conversation between two well dressed men. The first I took on the London Underground of two commuting businessmen. The instant I saw the two men I thought of the men that the Sartorialist shoots. This photo is no where near as well compossed, but still captures a moment that I consider to be an everyday master piece. The next photo is a vintage photo I found in a little vintage store in Florence. All I know about the photo is what was written on the back; a city, Bari (the capital of Italy), a name, Gorzo Vittorio Guauele, and a Date 17th December 1945.

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