Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Joys of Cooking

In the past few weeks I have made quite a few fun things and want to share them with you.The more I cook and bake the more I realize that I really enjoy it, their is just something so relaxing and fulfilling about it, especially cooking for my husband or others. One of my favorite things is trying to make new and different things. I rarely cook the same thing, as I have found a few amazing blogs with a great collection of recipes in addition to those that I have on Pinterest.

I also participate in a food co-op every couple of weeks called Bountiful Baskets. For those unfamiliar with a food co-op you pay a fee upfront that is pooled with other co-op participates to purchase a laundry basket full of fruit or veggies. The best part about this besides getting a ton of healthy food for cheap is that you never know what you are going to get. And you get fruits and veggies that I would not normally think to buy, giving me the opportunity to learn how to cook with new and different foods.

One of the first things I made were delectable Oreo cupcakes! They were a lot of fun to make and even more fun to eat until you realize how much sugar are in them. I followed a recipe from, the recipe has very specific instructions.

So Good!

I have also have made homemade Salsa twice now as my Bountiful Basket has included quite a few tomatoes twice now. I really like this simple salsa recipe that I found on the Eat Yourself Skinny blog.

I was quite excited when I found that my latest basket contained corn. The corn was quite excellent we had it with fired sausage and Indian rice.

The Indian Rice recipe is:
Saute Half a White Onion in Pot
Add Chicken Broth and Boil
Add Rice
Cook most of the way and add Spices
Tummerick, Cumin, Curry, Parsley
 Last week I made a healthy version of homemade Mac & Cheese and cauliflower from Eat Yourself Skinny again. It was quite good.

In my last Bountiful Basket also contained blackberries and apricots and decided I wanted to make a jam out of them. I found this recipe on Pinterest the recipe is from the Food in a Jar blog. 

Today I made a random concoction of eggs, green pepper, fresh parsley, white and green onion. It was quite delicious. My husband tells me that it is similar to the Mexican dish, huevos rancheros.

I would love to hear about some of your favorite recipes or any comments you have!

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