Monday, September 23, 2013

The Silver Lining

The cloudy rainy days have started to settle in over the Seattle area and you know what I was pretty excited. As cloudy days bring sweater weather, so my church outfit had to incorporate my lovely mustard yellow sweater. My outfit also included some of my favorite pieces with a story. I always feel a fashion accessory or clothing item is better when it has a story behind it.

 The bracelet is a vintage bracelet of my Grandmothers.

The shoes are from a vintage store in Florence, Italy.

The beautiful view cloudy on my drive home.

I hope you will try to find the silver lining in your cloudy days whether it is a fun outfit or a beautiful view it is always in there somewhere.

Sweater: Mens H&M
Skirt: Macy's
Scarf: Francesca's
Earnings: Francesca's
Shoes: Vintage from Florence, Italy
Ring: Made by my sister

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