Monday, February 14, 2011


First off, Happy Valentines Day! This is the first time I have had someone for the holiday, and I think I have found the perfect gift and I even manged to warp it well, which does matter.

This Saturday was the perfect day. I got the chance to go up to the Teton Mountains and snowboard with my boyfriend it was the perfect day and exactly what I needed. Sadly I could not find my camera the day we went it, it has since been recovered from underneath a pile of laundry. 

This excursion got me thinking about the trends in mountain gear, my first thought was a post by Garance Dore about classic mountain gear. It used to be more elegant, not as warm though. The current styles lean toward a more "gangster" look, for a lack of a better term. Both my man and I agree that the "gangster" style is ridiculous and give the friends that have adopted this style a hard time. I feel that is a good thing that our winter wear has got warmer but I feel that it should also compliment the beautiful surroundings. 

Photo Credit: Garance Dore

Here is my current snowboarding outfit, sorry for the bad picture.

Here is my Dad's old snowboarding outfit that I used last Christmas.

Photos by Friends

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