Thursday, February 3, 2011

Falling into place

Thank you to all those people who have looked at my post and a special thank you goes out to those that have commented or followed me it means a lot. I apologize for not posting much lately. These past two weeks have been insanely busy for me, each day has felt like a week but each has been filled with so many amazing things.

I am at such a good place in my life right now many things that I have been working toward are starting to fall into place at long last. One thing that feel into my hands a few weeks ago was A VINTAGE RED DIOR JACKET, that I bought for four dollars at a local thrift store. I saw it amongst the various blazers of varing degrees of ugly I glazed at it quickly because  I am not much of a red person but I noticed the the fabric seemed nice so I glanced again and then I saw the Dior label and I could not believe it, and thought it was a fake but then I put it on and I knew that it was real. I was ecstatic and instantly bought it. It now sits on the nob outside my closet were I see it everyday, reminding me of my great find that feel into my hands.

If things are not quite falling into your hands right now just keeping working and trusting that one day they will, and never ever give up.


  1. Omigosh, that jacket is GORGEOUS! I love it.


  2. i love the post~!
    And your blog!
    Maybe you can join the give away?
    xxx Zoë

  3. love the dior blazer !!