Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nothing better than Vintage and the Start of Fall

There's nothing better for the fashion nerd in me than finding that perfect vintage piece, except for that slight chill in the air that signals the start of fall. That chill gives me the same sort of excitement that spring flowers give most people. To me fall is the most exciting time of the year as it signals a start of new school year, the beginning of coat and layer season, and most importantly fashion weeks. I know there are spring/summer shows but I just have an attachment to fall/winter as they were the first shows that I really fell in love with, and their just seems to be more hype about them, they seem to set more of the trends. I look forward to sharing all of my favorite looks from the shows along with some of my favorite fall looks!

It has been a crazy last week as we traveled to South Dakota to visit my husband's extended family. More on that later I am hoping to make a video of all my cross country trips this summer. But for now it is great to be home enjoying a soft bed, the start of fall, and my entire closet (including some of my favorite vintage pieces.) The outfit below is made complete by some of my favorite vintage finds.

Scarf and Pin: Vintage
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Vintage
Blouse: Anthropology 
Earnings: Buckle

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