Monday, September 17, 2012

What is true to you?

Last week was a crazy week, and when I am crazy I mean literally working on school from the moment I wake up tell the moment I fall into bed. It is nothing I am not used too. I have done it for quite a few semesters now. It is always just a shock to the system particularly after a month and a half with no real responsibility whatsoever.

The difference between this week and eventually this semester is that I am doing all things I LOVE. Biochemistry the class about the chemistry that makes our bodies exist, is absolutely fascinating stuff! The rate you breath all controlled by one type of reaction! Hopefully I can share more of those nerdy discovers. I am also taking Patternmaking like actually making those pieces you cut out in a pattern you buy! It is pretty sweet! I am in two other classes as well Church History (the history of the mormon church interesting stuff as well) and a Biochemistry lab where I hope to pick up skills for future laboratory tech jobs. So all good classes but just time consuming.

I also have two jobs. The first I do outreach for my schools relatively new student conference. It is a big job where I talk to a lot of faculty and ultimately try to get students involved. I feel passionately about this as it can really influence students lives. I also do computational research for a professor.

And then on top of that I am still trying to run. Ran 6 miles today Whoot Whoot! And fulfill voluntary commitments and responsibilities with my Church.

All in all I go EVERY waking moment...I am doing something I love and feel is worth while almost every moment it leaves you feeling very fulfilled at the end of the day yet so tired and I wonder how long I can keep it up and what it will take from me. As I still have a husband and family and friends.

The problem is I have SO many true deep passions for some many beautiful yet so varied things, chemistry and fashion pretty far (ok, there are a few connections points synthetic fabrics, makeup, perfume, all chemicals (be pretty cool to work in one of those points though)). Sometimes I wonder if I should focus more solely on one but I just love them all.

This quote by Garance really got me thinking "You have to do things that excite you and try to communicate that enthusiasm the best you can. You can’t please everyone… But if you look for your emotion, what is true to you deep down, the rest falls into place."

I have had moments where I have forgotten "what is true to ME deep down". But as I look over last week I realize that all of that sloper, amino acid, and pipetting madness is what is true to me. And the one thing that connects them all is that I will put everything I can into each of them. As I feel that their is no point, no life, or feeling if their is not passion, one of the deepest human feelings. 

So I hope you have a passion for something and that you have a chance to put your all into that passion, even if it turns out to be a failure. Because as my favorite Greys Anatomy Quote says "There is nothing worse than not knowing" not trying.

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