Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Dotted Affair

So I know my posts have been spotty these past five years (like eleven a year, when you do the math). But maybe this will be the time that I really will come back with a great consistent blog. You may ask what has changed,what should make you actually follow this time. Well let me tell you...

I have graduated College!!

Note the nerdy goggles: indicating that I was in a science related major that sucked most of the life and time out of me.

So now I have been released from this life/time sucking major I may actually have some energy/time to put into this blog. And if that was not reason enough for you to believe...

I got an Iphone!!!!

This Iphone was an amazing graduation present from my parents that makes it quite convenient to take photos and blog as I was quite impressed with the Blogger app. But I want to reassure those worried that the superb quality (heavy sarcasm) of photography will go down due to the iphone camera, this will not be the case I will still pull out my real camera.

But now to what you have all been wondering...What is this dotted affair? Well it was not much of an affair just going to church in a dotted themed outfit.

Scarf: My Grandmother Mary's 
Blouse: Thrift Store
Belt: Thrift Store
Shoes: Thrift Store
(talk about popping some tags ;)

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  1. congrats on graduating!! I love your outfit too, especially your scarf!