Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An Insta View of the CFDA Awards

As those who follow fashion or red carpet events know Monday night was the CFDA awards one of the biggest nights in fashion. I remembered that Monday night was the event as I scrolled through my Instagram feed and came across this incredible photo of Hanneli Mustaparta in a striking yellow gown followed by photos of Garance's and Scott's posts for the event. I then proceeded to view the posts for the #CFDAawards hashtag and found it quite addicting as it was a constant stream of live pictures from the event for four hours. It was so fascinating to view one of American fashions event from the point of view of those inside while sitting on my couch in Rexburg, ID. So I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos from the event and apologize if I do not credit the original photographer as there were so many regrams.

My Fashion Icons

I love this photo of Hanneli it is so timeless, 
and I have always loved yellow.

I love Garance and her honest comments she is 
not afraid to admit her flaws in the 
apparently flawless fashion world.

I love Scott's timeless style and his look that just seems 
like he is constantly trying to 
understand the world around him.

Anna and her impeccable style with a rare smile.

Love Bill Cunningham in the background!

Love this simple shot of Bill.

Dynamic Duos

Love the floral pattern on a suit.

Another patterned suit next to a patterned dress.

Love the trumpet skirt on this coral Zac Posen dress.

Even better in motion!

Betsey Johnson and her daughter how fun 
would it be to go to an event like this with your mom.

Great shot that captures Betsey's crazy personality.

The Dresses

Swarovski hosted the event.

Love the classic white and structured bodice.

Not quite sure if I agree with wandermust_style 
as my favorite look. I think it is very interesting 
but the side views of the dress where not as flattering.

Gorgeous necklace paired with a very sexy dress

Love the geometric look of this Alexander Wang dress.

So 20's/Gatsby!

Love this sweet post by her date.

I pretty much love everything about this look!

Love the classic ball gown mixed with a bold pattern.

The Men

Thom Browne was awarded menswear designer of the year.

The man himself.

A suit that Thom designed.

Just an amazingly crazy suit.

Matching Shoes!

Hope you enjoyed this Insta View into the CFDA Awards!

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