Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Fancy Free Tradition

Every Sunday for almost a year we have got together with an awesome couple (shout out to the Pinards) to play games. It started simply enough but it turned into something that I looked forward too and helped me get through my senior year of the fore a mentioned time/fun sucking degree.

The Games 
Settlers of Catan

Mexican Train

These games often get quite competitive. We have been thinking about investing in a trophy to pass around to the winner of Catan for quite sometime, and may actually venture out and find one tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

The Fancy Part

My husband Troy is a pretty superbe crepe chef. This is one of our first successful crepe making attempts. The batter was always too thin and attempts to use our nifty crepe maker never seemed that nifty. But I bought a crepe mix from the Prepared Pantry and Troy has perfected using a pan to make them. I am so glad we finally figured it out because crepes are one of my favorite things and they remind me of Europe

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