Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pack Saddle Lake Adventure

On Memorial Day Troy and I and another couple decided to hike to Pack Saddle Lake. The lake is located near Driggs, Idaho and the hike affords amazing views of the Tetons. We were all under the impression that the hike was a mere 2.5 miles in. So we excitedly piled into your friends car listening to Africa by Toto and followed the instructions that trusty google gave us. So we excitedly embarked on the hike and after about two miles of hiking through forest the trail all of the sudden dumped out onto a road and we were quite confused and continued to be confused for about another two hours but made great friends with a a family out four wheeling. But we did eventually find the lake and it was beautiful!

The Views

Fun at the Lake

Troy decided to try the diving board

It was pretty cold

It was quite a fun day even though the hike was quite a bit longer than expected.

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