Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Oooh! Pearls!"

The inspiration for this outfit is you guessed it pearls! Pearls have always seemed so beautiful and classic to me. I still remember standing in my Mothers room as she put on her pearls and explained to me that they are her birthstone and very favorite stone.

Now on a lighter note the story of the title "Oooh! Pearls!". The phrase is an inside joke between my husband and I. My husband was cleaning out a destroyed and molding home in Khemah, Texas after hurricane Ike. There was a gay man** assisting in the clean up as well, who kinda had a thing for my husband. He told Troy (my husband) that "He looked like Tom Hanks son!" (I guess I am a lucky girl ;). Troy was emptying a dresser and pulled out a vintage string of pearls and the gay man exclaimed  "Oooh! Pearls!" And now whenever my husband sees pearls he exclaims the same phrase.

The pearls in this outfit all have a special meaning to me as they are connected to people I love. The necklace was created by my talented sister from some of my grandmothers old pearls. The earnings are real pearls that my thoughtful mother-in-law gave me. The pearl strings in my hair came from my grandmothers sewing notions. I wore the braclet at my wedding and the ring was also my classy grandmothers.

Blouse: Vintage
Skirt: Romy
Shoes: Repurposed by me
Nail Polish: OPI
Photos by: My loving husband, Troy

**Disclaimer my husband and I have the greatest respect for the Gay community and the sharing of this story is not intended to poke fun at the gay community.

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