Monday, May 27, 2013

This Weeks Bubble Up

Lately I have been a little down, as my job search has not gone as planned. But I am still trying to see the "Bubble Ups" of unemployment. A "Bubble Up" comes from a game that one of my best friends from High School had us play. When we were sitting around talking at a coffee house or in someones basement she would excitedly proclaim "Bubble up, Bubble Down time" and we would each share the best and worst parts of our week. I look back on those moments now with fondness as this game would really cheer me up. This is just what this friend is good at, brightening peoples days :) She is still a good friend even though high school was a long time ago.

This Week's Bubble Ups
Good Healthy Food
Adventures with My Favorite Boys
 Exploring the Old Teton Dam Site

Hiking Crest Creek Trail

Playing With My Horse, Hershey

These were some pretty great bubble ups in my book and this week is looking like it will have some pretty great ones as well. Heading out on another hike today and looking forward to finishing up some more sewing projects. So stay tuned!

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