Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Thoughtful Tuesday

Today was a good day at work as my training has progressed to time in the laboratory. While working I received lots of advice from my coworkers about how to advance my career and manage my finances. I am very grateful for the advice of my thoughtful and friendly coworkers, as I do want to advance my career in the future and I do want to establish stable finances for the future. But I also recognized that I am even more grateful for the knowledge that there are things more important than a career and finances. In a world where so much emphasis is placed on your position in your career I am grateful to know that I have worth even though I have no experience and in a low level job. I am even more grateful that I have a husband to come home to everyday and relax with. Like tonight, we had a great relaxing evening by taking a short walk down to the Cedar River that is only five minutes from our duplex.

The walk began with a tricky walk over some felled trees.

After the tricky walk we found an amazing front row view of the river.

And Troy skipped some rocks

Then we found a nice spot to sit, talk and relax

What I am wearing
Jeans: Jean Girl
Blouse: Eddie Bauer

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