Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Labor Day Adventure in Seattle

I began my labor day by sleeping in a little and then continued organizing my dream walk in closet (more on that later). Then I  asked my husband what he would like to do for the day and he suggested going into Seattle. And that was that and off to to the light rail we went. The Seattle Link Light rail has become our favorite way to travel into Seattle it is simpler, cheaper, and you do not have to find parking in Seattle. Also I love riding on public trains as it reminds me of my trip to Europe. I love watching the other passengers on the train as the views of the city flashes by.

A view from the trian

Once into Seattle we wandered around Nordstrom Rack in Seattle's shopping district and then headed down to Pike Place Market. As we searched for the gum wall we found a really neat shop with old vintage advertisements and magazines. We will have to go back when the budget is bigger. Then we found the gum wall it was truly disgusting, it even smelled. 

Then we headed down toward the waterfront it was a truly stunning view.

Then we explored the Curiosity shop, where we found this cute little jack-a-lope.

Grabbed some ice cream

And enjoyed the views

360 view of  Seattle and the Sound

Blouse: Vintage
Belt: Vintage
Bracelet: Vintage
Jeans: Ross
Flip-Flops: Rainbow

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